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the final stretch...

Studio week with Matt (Rainy Day Recording Co) was INTENSE. We worked 5 to 8 hour days for seven days straight, and then I hopped on a plane and took a vacation to Quebec. And let me tell you, that vacation was well-time because I had basically hit the point where I hated everything about the composition and couldn't make well-informed decisions anymore. This project has been really eye-opening in terms of how I might approach the process were I to attempt something this large again (I almost certainly will be doing work in this vein again very soon). I also realize that I really need to develop my taste and discernment with work of this style. I have a good sense of what works and what doesn't for piano solo, but as soon as we're tracking thirty different instruments things get out of whack quickly. So it's been slow, it's been fussy, it's been knit-picky, and it is SO worth it because this week we are back in the studio and it is paying off. The mid-synths we're layering in are sitting perfectly, and the arrangement is starting to sound full, and better yet, emotional. Next week we're onto the piano improv tracks which are definitely going to be my favourite, so I am excited to get in there!

Again, a massive thank you to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for making this summer possible for me! I have learned so much, and there's still more to come as I finish this project this month!


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