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Phew! The parts of this piece that can be done before I head into the studio... are done!

I begin studio time at Rainy Day Recording Co on Saturday, and I'm heading into it with a skeleton of the piece (basic structure all laid out), major themes all more or less developed, ideas of how and where things need to be fleshed out with synths/samples/effects... basically anything that was going to be "composed" now is.

So what does studio time look like, then? A lot of improv. There are whole sections in the skeleton that merely say "improv, G+ --> A+" or such, so there's a lot of that to fill in. It's definitely my comfort zone, not having things really firmly composed (I feel it helps me relax and just create, rather than needing things to be "perfect"), but it also feels a bit dicey knowing I only have 7 days to get it all in.

I also want to play with some of the equipment in-studio that I don't have day-to-day access to (wurlitzerrrrrr), effects, try adding in some ambient samples, and possibly even some industrial percussive elements. A lot of things that are completely unknown to me at this point, so I'm excited (and a bit overwhelmed) to learn! Thankfully my brother Matt is the owner of Rainy Day, and I already know we make a great musical team. ^_^

didn't even get too messy during the creative process!


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