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fall update

Well 2019 has been a whirlwind adventure! Most of you know that I am pregnant (!!!) and Jesse and I are expecting baby to arrive somewhere around October 1st! Amidst the pregnancy, I was also commissioned to write some new music for Ness Creek's Forest Garden Fall Feast - a beautiful, locally grown meal that celebrates the four seasons. I ended up writing four new original piano solos for the event which was in August, and have been spending my first month of maternity leave now recording and arranging the pieces to include some more symphonic elements - once again with Matt/ Rainy Day Recording Co, because we have a great thing going.

As well, Float Now in Saskatoon has officially brought me on as one of their artists in residence, and I couldn't be happier! The artist program allows me to float as I need to in my creative process, and then to follow the creative ideas that emerge as a result. After baby has arrived, I will be setting a goal of writing a piece per month to coincide with floating, and we are also talking about doing a cozy, free winter show in the new year. Very exciting!

the Forest Garden Fall Feast (and 36 weeks of pregnancy)


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