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I've always loved writing, but I've also always struggled with that first blank page. So here it is, the first blank page!

Next week I'll be starting a grant funded period of writing, the first I've ever done. The Saskatchewan Arts Board has graciously funded me to dedicate my time to composing for a full month from July 17 - August 17, which naturally elicits from me a reaction of pure joy and pride, and deep fear and despair. Thankfully the process of applying for the grant itself was incredibly thorough, so I now conveniently have such helpful tools as a detailed timeline, and lots of descriptive words about what I intend to use the funding for to both keep me on track, and to make me feel guilty for not being further along in my work...

Anyway! This blog is going to be a spot for me to write about my creative process, share about some of the tools I'm using, discuss challenges, and likely write about unrelated and somewhat esoteric trains of thought.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. ^_^


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