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"fractal" - May. 2015

Lean in. When you feel your heart hardening, bracing itself, and your blood crying out; when your limbs want to retreat to the safety of the body’s warmth – lean in. When the mind gnaws at your Truth, your stomach begging you to stay within the bounds of the safe and quantifiable – lean in.

Working in only black and white is not virtue; it is limitation. Feel out the dissonance within you and magnify it, welcome it, befriend it. Dig in to find the colours you need, and welcome their invitation to strive, to push through. Seek the beauty and grace – the power – of openly resting with uncertainty. The joy of the unfamiliar is a far more vibrant shade than the grey of stasis.

Find yourself in struggle, in discomfort, in not knowing – in not needing to know – and lean in with your full weight. Trust yourself to balance as the world constantly shifts beneath your feet, and see who you really are. Lean in so that you may burst forth.


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