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finding my flow

Going into this project, I was the most concerned with how I would handle my time. In all my other creative and work projects, I'm very much a burst worker. Work intensively on something for 15 minutes, break, 10 minutes, break, 25 minutes, break... you get the idea.

So far, that has proven to be true in this project as well, which can be a bit difficult to navigate. On Mondays, I have wide open days - nothing booked, 8 hours of beautiful, blank space for creativity. *shudder* I get soooo little done. I need to constantly change gears, take breaks, wander around, etc. Then we get to Tuesdays, and suddenly my flow just happens on it's own, because I only have 2 hours here, and 30 minutes there between teaching to make things happen.

So today (a Monday), I am visiting the blog. Then I'll work a bit on music. Then I'll journal. Then I'll stare off into space. Repeat. Learning to just understand and accept how my brain wants to approach this, rather than bully myself. I've still had some lovely little melodies come out today. I think the important thing is to understand that it *all* relates back to the creative process, even if it doesn't necessarily feel "productive" at the time.


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