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day 3

Learning about organization today... going into this I was worried about not having ideas, scared of sitting down to make music and having nothing come out. Turns out content is not the issue, so much as curating it. Because my final product is being created in-studio mid-August, a lot of my process so far is finding piano melodies or themes I like, and then building around it using my loop station to sort of replicate what I'll be able to do in the studio. This means I already have about 9 little loop projects that all sound super neat and fun and oh god how do I stitch any of this together into a cohesive piece? How do I choose what is worth using and what is me just warming up to the process? How do I resist the urge to smother everything in messy synth bass?

And. How do I remember all of it? I'm writing a 60 minute piece, this is a very different beast than my norm.

So today is mostly me attempting to write everything from the past two weeks into some semblance of order. So far that looks like using an oversized sketchbook to write out chords, some melodic snippets, key sounds/samples being used, ideas for what I want to add where once in studio, and which track it is both on my loop station, and my phone recordings. Phew!


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